Be You, Everyday

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cry at the restaurant table. Sing off-key in your car. Make up your own dance moves in the shower. Say what’s on your mind. Why? Because there is, and will ever be, only one YOU. So why waste your life being someone else? You were born with unique talents and eccentricities for a reason. The world needs them.

There are hundreds of influences tugging at us every day to be somebody we aren’t. We are told to be thinner, prettier, wealthier, more successful, more daring, less sensitive. With all this input from society, being yourself everyday takes work. It takes pro-activity and most importantly, self love. The more you think loving thoughts toward yourself, the easier it will be to express yourself authentically.

As you practice being who you truly are, you might begin to see big changes in your life. The universe will return what you put out; in other words, like attracts like. You will find out very quickly who your true friends are and who isn’t worth investing energy into any longer. You might discover new hobbies, interests and passions you never even considered trying before. I bet you’ll be delighted by what you draw into your life, as it will likely be something that is in closer alignment with your values and personality.

Did I mention that being your true self feels good? Trust me, it does! You will know when you haven’t been completely honest with yourself or you are hiding your gifts from the world; you might have a knot in your stomach, a voice tugging at you, or feel depressed. Use these feelings as a guide and act accordingly. Your soul didn’t come here to wear masks, beat itself up, hide in the closet, or pretend to be another person’s soul. It came here to shine, blossom, grow, love, and express itself!



For every criticism you hear or tell yourself, come up with three things you love about yourself. Practice this re-balancing exercise for one whole day.

Whether you are able to compliment yourself easily or not, know that you are lovable beyond measure. This exercise will help you create new thinking patterns that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It’s worth trying!


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