Inviting All Emotions to the Table: A Love Letter to the Self

Dear Ego Self,

I cordially invite you to be my enduring and loving partner in this journey of life. I would like to get to know you on a deep level and learn to accept and embrace every aspect of you. Please know that all of your emotions are welcome to join the conversation. I will treat each one as a beloved guest, and allow them to come and go as they please and express themselves freely during their stay. I want you to feel safe in this home, the body, so it is important we learn to trust these emotions as our family. They are going to be a part of this life journey whether we welcome them or not, so let’s choose to befriend them and make life a bit easier. Although some of them might come wrapped in dark cloaks, or yell at us at first, with love and acceptance, we can soothe them into a better state. Sometimes this can take weeks, or even years. Patience is the best strategy for calming grumpy emotions.

Now there’s something else I need you to know. Some of these emotions have earned a bad reputation and so when we invite them in as family, other people might think there’s something wrong with that. You see, it takes a lot of hard-earned skills to master the art of playing host. Not everyone is cut out for the job. But I truly believe this is one of the secrets to enjoying life and that the hard work is worth it.

I am so excited to take this journey with you and together, I know we can achieve amazing things! Please remember that I love you in every moment. Even when you forget to leave the key where I can find it, or you kick out one of our guests in a moment of fear or shame, I trust you to come back to a place of clarity and kindness. It’s natural to get overwhelmed sometimes, and you can always ask me for guidance. I am forever supporting you, forever encouraging you, forever by your side for this whole life’s ride. I see the goodness in you and all your emotions, and I promise to remind you how wonderful you truly are. Let’s make this a beautiful life!


Your Soul


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