Feelings We Don’t Have Words For

How many times have you tried to explain your mood, but “depressed” or “sad” or “happy” just doesn’t quite describe it right?

I recently read this article about words and expressions that we don’t have words for in the English language and it got me to thinking: what else can’t we describe easily in our language? And because I feel a lot and think a lot about emotions, I thought of all those human feelings that we don’t really have expressions for in our language, like…

–that confusing, disoriented feeling when you wake up from a late afternoon nap and it’s already dark outside

–when you are deep in thought or internal dialogue and really don’t want to interact with anyone

–when you feel as if your heart could explode out of a feeling of oneness with the world around you

–that subtle excitement and hope when you can sense yourself growing more mature

What other feelings do we not have words for? And even if we did have the words, would it make it any easier to talk about them?

Sometimes I think human emotions are much more in the “grey” area than the labels we use to communicate about them. If you think of emotion as a spectrum then maybe it would be more accurate to say, “today I feel 30% lonely, 20% hopeful that I’ll meet someone new, 20% grumpy because I didn’t eat breakfast, 10% self pity, and 20% whimsical.”


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