Are Your Beliefs Bringing You Down?

What beliefs do you have about yourself that make you feel bad, unworthy or disempowered? Are these beliefs sapping your life energy and personal power? Are they minimizing your space to expand in the world, to step out and be who you are, to explore your life’s possibilities without fear?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to change your beliefs!

First, notice what you are telling yourself throughout your day. Are you beating yourself up? Or are you lifting yourself up with words of encouragement? Do you believe you will fail? Or do you trust in your abilities, no matter what hardships come your way?

After you become aware of your thinking patterns, which are fueled by your beliefs (conscious and subconscious), you can disarm them by stopping in your tracks and refusing to continue to believe in the negative belief or thought when you next have it. The next step is equally as important. For every harmful belief you want to change, replace it with a helpful belief that puts wind back under your sail.

Not sure what to believe? Experiment with beliefs that make you feel good, capable, and confident. If a belief is rooted in love and acceptance, you are on the right track. Whatever you do, steer clear of beliefs that come from a place of fear. Fear is the mind’s parasite, and we have to starve the parasite in order to heal ourselves. Fear feeds on negativity, but it cannot eat positive and loving thoughts — they disarm its power. If we combat our fear with  uplifting and empowering beliefs, we are able to build a shield of trust and self-love that protects us from fear.

It’s important to know that the human mind has a very addictive nature. Once thought pathways have been created, we are apt to be creatures of habit and continue walking the same routes again and again. That’s why it take repetition and persistence to make new pathways. Although it is hard to admit it to ourselves, we are all addicted to suffering. If we feel happy, we wonder what is lurking just around the corner, waiting to destroy our peace of mind. Where do you think the saying “it must be too good to be true” comes from? It comes from a place of fear and perhaps, from our expectation that something bad is always going to happen.

Well, my dears, today I ask that you give yourself permission to be happy—happy without the fear of how long it will last. Because the truth is, you get to choose how long it lasts. Bad things do happen. Challenges are inevitable. But when you have a loving belief system that supports your well-being, you have complete control over your reactions. You get to choose how to view a situation, how to feel about it, and how to respond. Most importantly, you have personal power. You are protected by your shield of self-love. It no longer matters what others think of you or say about you because you believe you are a beautiful, whole being. You believe you can change at any moment to be anyone you want to be and to have any life you choose. You believe you are lovable. You believe you are good enough. You believe you are strong and wise. You believe your dreams are coming true right now.

And they are! Just believe it, and it is true!







2 thoughts on “Are Your Beliefs Bringing You Down?

  1. Damien Bradley says:

    I want to echo the principle of replacing something negative with something positive rather than just trying to eliminate the negative. I’ve found this also goes for behavior patterns, which go hand in hand with belief systems.


  2. adiskin says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Damien! I agree, and the more repetition of the positive thought or behavior, the more likely it is to stick. Glad to hear you have found this to be an effective tool for you. It certainly takes practice, but change is always possible!!


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