When Kindness Lifts the Veil

At 6:50 am, I was awoken by the unnatural beep of my alarm clock. My peaceful dream was interrupted and my mind and body resisted waking. All I wanted was to relish in the cloak of sleep rocking me into a deep slumber. And then it beeped again.

I dragged myself into the shower with one eye still struggling to open. It was that kind of a morning. We’ve all had those days when we just want to stick with our natural rhythm. We want to sleep in and wake up slowly, stretching and taking our time to start the day. But unfortunately, modern life demands us to abandon all this and get to work on time.

I tried to sing in the car to cheer myself up, but I found myself seeking talk radio instead of the awful top 40 blaring through the speaker. I know I’m not feeling myself if I turn to the morning news over music. As I pulled into my work’s parking lot, I could feel the veil of grumpiness dropping its tails to the ground, covering me momentarily in a shadow.

About an hour later, I was in the women’s restroom washing my hands beneath the glare of fluorescent lights. Another woman stood in front of the mirror fussing about her hair refusing to sit where she wanted it to. True, her bouncy curls were expressing themselves in particularly creative ways today, but I quite liked her hair. “You have great curls!” I said smiling at her in the mirror. “Oh, thanks. My daughter is always telling me to straighten it,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Don’t straighten it. You are lucky to have natural curls like that. You look great!” I said enthusiastically. She smiled at me and as we walked out of the bathroom together, she said “Happy Tuesday to you.”

Although this was a small interaction, and perhaps, a small exchange of kindness, it was enough to lift my veil. I am telling you this story, because kindness is potent medicine and it can open your heart when your heart needs opening.

Try it today. See how it changes you and the other person. Never hold back a kind thought or comment. If you think it, share it. It will be hard to ever know how much we impact one another, especially if we only ever cross paths once in this lifetime, but I believe kindness is the world’s currency, and we never forget the moments of connection and affirmation we experience in our lives. After all,

we are spiritual beings having a human experience

as French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said. We might as well share a little of our divine light with one another and see each other for the beautiful souls we are.

A little kindness can make someone’s day — and you might be surprised to discover that being kind can make your day.




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