Ten Reasons to Spend Time Alone

Being alone used to scare me. I’d avoid it at all costs, exhausting myself and losing touch with what I felt inside in order to always be around people. Thankfully, I’ve made great strides at feeling content while being alone. In fact, I crave it. I enjoy it. I revel in it. And even when it’s uncomfortable, which it absolutely is sometimes, I have learned how necessary being alone is to my well-being.

Here are ten reasons to spend time alone, today, without delay:

1. You get to sift through your thoughts and get to know your mind’s patterns

2. You give yourself the space to feel whatever is inside of you in the moment, rather than avoid it

3. You get to rest and rejuvenate your spirit, so that you have the energy to interact with the world more vibrantly

4. You discover new tools for coping with uncomfortable feelings and an over-active mind

5. You get to do what you want, when you want to, without consulting anyone else

6. You become familiar with yourself, and gradually, more comfortable in your own skin

7. You break the habit of projecting your own issues and internal dialogue onto other people (if no one is there to project onto, you are forced to take responsibility for your own “stuff”)

8. You develop self-love and self-care practices when no one else is around to rely on

9. You gain self-confidence and empowerment to choose how you want to spend your time and precious energy

10. You gain clarity because you give yourself the quiet time to process things through










Make a date with yourself this week, whether it’s for a whole day, or two hours. You might be surprised at how much “catching up” you have to do with yourself. Chances are, a lot is happening in your life, and you could benefit from some “me-time” to make sense of it all and recharge your battery. If you are apprehensive about being alone, or it’s a new practice for you, watch Andrea Dorfman’s video on how to be alone.





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