The Spiral of Growth

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Didn’t I learn this lesson the first time? Why am I here again?” It can feel frustrating to see similar experiences or lessons show up in our lives repeatedly. It’s easy to tell ourselves that we aren’t moving forward at all. But this is simply not true and I will tell you why.

I believe growth is non-linear; although we wish they would, our personal development and our lives rarely move in a straight line. I, too, have felt stuck and frustrated by repeated experiences showing up in my life. I once consulted a mentor of mine about this struggle with patterns. “I feel like I’m moving in circles!” I told her, looking quite bewildered. And in return, she shared something with me that completely shifted my perspective of personal growth. She told me that we grow in spirals, not circles.

Each time we face a familiar lesson or experience again, we bring with us a new level of wisdom and knowledge about ourselves. Therefore, we are not, metaphorically speaking, on the same plane as we were when we first faced it (which would create a circle). Instead we are on a new plane, layered just above the previous one. In other words, we are more equipped to make a better decision each time.

Although it’s exhausting to face things over again, we gradually climb upwards into understanding and perhaps then, we are able to let go of the experience altogether. This can be a long process and it’s important to be gentle on yourself throughout. Remember that the spiral of your growth will continue to move upwards as long as you apply the wisdom you’ve gained from each previous experience. It’s an exciting journey and a tough journey, but life wouldn’t be much fun if we didn’t have challenges to face.

Hope this offers hope and a new perspective to ponder…



3 thoughts on “The Spiral of Growth

  1. Naomi Jensen says:

    Thank you for this post! I definitely experience frustration when repeating mistakes. I love the metaphor of a spiral, it is a visual that brings understanding to the process, and it’s easy to refer back to when I feel stuck.


    • adiskin says:

      I am so happy that it is helpful to you, Naomi! I use the spiral as an image to meditate as well..I think I’ll have to write a post on that to share my trick for returning to my center. Never forget that you can access your healed self, your highest self at any moment in time! It’s always there, always inside of you and it just takes a choice of intention for it to come alive. Love you lots Nomes!


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