A Tool for Finding Your Center: Spiral Visualization

My last post was about the spiral of growth. But there is another way I have used the image of a spiral to assist me. I often visualize a spiral to help me return to my center, or a place of groundedness. I can feel I am in my center when I have met the emotions inside of me and I can hear them clearly. Perhaps I was numb before, but once I have gotten back to the core of me, I can recognize what’s going on and what I am experiencing. At my center, I feel a deep sense of calm, safety and joy. I feel clarity and self-acceptance. I know I can make the best decision for my highest good when I am grounded inside of myself.

The image of the spiral works so well for me, that I’d like to share this little trick with you, in hopes that you can add it to your wellness tool belt.

Step One: Get Comfy

Find yourself in a comfortable seated position and give yourself five minutes or more of silent meditation to try this out. Turn off your cell phone, dim the lights, forget about your to-do list, and gift yourself this moment in time to just be.

Step Two: Breathe and Let Go

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out slowly, reconnecting with the air that sustains you. Your breath is the one thing guaranteed to be there for you as long as you are alive on this planet. With gratitude, bring fresh oxygen into your lungs and let it cleanse every cell in your body. Breathe out with a heavy sigh and release anything you are carrying that no longer serves you. Repeat this several times. Let your shoulders relax and say to yourself “nothing to do but be here. breathe. here. now.”

Step Three: Visualization

Imagine you are traveling on the outer ring of a great, luminous spiral. This spiral is healing, sacred and nourishing. It is going to guide you home. Now trace the spiral with your torso, allowing your upper trunk to subtly sway in a circle. As you move, visualize traveling inward on the spiral, going around and around, as the rings grow smaller, leading you to the center of your being, the place of total peace, wellness, warmth. Stay here for a while. Feel love and gratitude radiate from your center. You are safe. Feel the innate goodness that you are. You are peaceful. Enjoy this moment of bliss, of meeting the center of yourself, where you are grounded, together, whole, healed.

Red Spiral

Image source: http://tavmjong.free.fr/INKSCAPE/MANUAL/html/Challenges-Spiral.html


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