The Upwell

Sometimes there’s a slowing down, a melting of momentum, a heavy cape of doubt trailing behind you. But then you look at the stars and they are swirling toward you as you arc your head back to take in the egg shell of luminous silver and black. It’s then that you remember you are a part of the upwell; the upwell of creativity, of passion, of curiosity, of miracle. Suddenly, you snap into motion again, and the cape disintegrates into threads on the ground. They sizzle and burn, disappearing into the soil. You are moving with your heart open now, swirling back at the stars as they swirl toward you and somewhere unknown, you meet in midair. A spark of recognition causes even the air to hold its breath: it is undeniable that the infinite is you and everything you are not, at the same time. There are no words to say and later you will fall to your knees in gratitude. You are here, you are now, you are the upwell and the upwell is you.



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