London, You Are Brilliant!

It’s my second day outside the U.S. and I couldn’t be happier! London is wonderful. I could tell you all about my experiences in a logical order but that would be boring. Besides, a place with as much culture, color and pazzaz as London has, deserves a more passionate telling.

 Travel by Tube: A Way of Life

Blood draining from my fingers, nearly numb

gripping to sticky metal rail above my head

my armpit is nearly in his face

but no time to bother with that, there’s no space to move

as we launch into darkness, sloshing and swaying like a buoy on the sea

hot, stale air sits mocking us in our heavy, stifling clothes

one glance around beholds a diversity in age, shape, color

So intimate, we could be forever captured in a painting

frozen, pressed against each other, in a moment of time, zooming along tracks, each thinking our own thoughts.

I become a single entity again only when a kind glance catches my eye, a split second of recognition before the doors part and we pour out into the dingy station like ants, carrying our own version of treasure, or sustenance to wherever our fragile bodies must go next.


The Many Uses for Breasts

Two brazen women sitting permanantly still

Statues with breasts so perky, they look as though they’re growing from the shoulder bones themselves

From slanted red chairs, two elderly women and I sit

Amused and giggling as a young man poses for a photo while he licks the left breast

Next, a four-yr-old uses the nipples of each as climbing holds to mount the statues lap. She holds onto them so innocently, smiling proudly to show her mamma her great work.

Next comes a teenager showing off by cupping the breasts to make his friends laugh.

So many creative uses for a woman’s bust;

I can’t help grinning and thinking ‘I like these people’


More soon…off to dinner at the home of new friends!


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