Chances Multiply if You Grab Them

at least that’s what my tea said on its little white tag, dangling down the side of my yellow ceramic mug, while steam painted swirls in the air.

It was just the wisdom I needed in order to say “Yes.” Yes to a new opportunity. Yes to a new city. Yes to moving in less than two weeks.

It was my last night in Porto, Portugal and Martino (who I met in Poland) and I sat in his car outside my hostel. I could feel the knot in my throat, the one I get when I know I am about to cry, when I know what comes next: saying goodbye. I was so tired at that point in my journey, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. The constant change of language, scenery, companions and culture had opened my heart, but left it raw. “I am so tired. I’m tired of saying goodbye. I am tired of not knowing where I’ll be next. I miss my friends. I am ready to be around people who really know me,” I whispered. “I know you are,” he said and put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder and let the tears that had been tangled in my throat, slip down my cheeks. And then Martino said “You are going to have an amazing life; that’s for sure. Just keep going with the flow.” I smiled at him. They were the best words anyone could have said to me in that moment of time.

Flow, it seemed, had become the essence of my journey. I had relied on my intuition combined with signs in the world around me to guide my way and by trusting them, I had been led to beautiful encounters with both people and place. Upon leaving Europe, the question became how can I apply the same trust in flow in my daily life in the U.S.?

Martino and I hugged goodbye and I strolled back to the hostel, feeling a mixture of sadness and gratitude. As I went to sleep that night, Martino’s words stuck with me. And I thought of them again when I first arrived home to Oregon.

Flow, I am discovering, is the path of least resistance. Now that doesn’t mean you should settle or go for what is easiest, but if you observe your options, somewhere there is forward movement and it is usually paired with a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. That’s just life. And if you are LIVING, you will have to befriend both of them.

Flow is the opportunity with its arm outstretched, waiting for you to grab hold and trust it. That opportunity for me came in the form of a job offer and with it, an invitation to move north to Portland, Oregon. It’s a quick transition, but the momentum feels good and I’m trusting it. So I’m packing my things again and hitting the road.

In what instances have you seen flow in your life? Is it something you can sense? Is it something you crave more of?

Until next time, may the flow be with you. ❤

Possible future? These words were painted inside a community-owned pub and theater house in Gent, Belgium. They seemed appropriate.

Possible future? These words were painted inside a community-owned pub and theater house in Gent, Belgium. They seemed appropriate.

4 thoughts on “Chances Multiply if You Grab Them

  1. Hey, Abby! Thanks for the beautiful post. Your words are always inspiring to me. Excited for you about the move… but I’ll still be seeing you in Eugene in Dec., right? We need to chat over tea! Love you xoxo – Anna


    • adiskin says:

      Hi Anna!! Thanks for reading 🙂 I am so excited to catch up with you! I will either come down for a weekend or you could come visit me in Portland! Either way, we will make it happen. Love you lots!


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