Shower Caps to Stay Warm – My First Week in Portland

“Excuse me, do you sell shower caps here?” I waited between aisles of organic soaps and lavender-scented goat milk lotions as the grocery stocker went to ask her co-worker the same question. I eyed a row of beeswax candles longingly, remembering my budget and repeating my mantra as of late: if you don’t need it, don’t buy it!

“Are you the girl looking for the shower caps?” “Yes, that’s me,” I said, trying to hide my embarrassment. For some reason, images of grandmothers with lipstick smeared well outside the contours of their wrinkled lips pop into my head whenever I think of shower caps.

Anyways, in case you are wondering, New Seasons Market in Northeast Portland does sell shower caps. Pink-polka-dotted ones. I bought one. The reason I’ve invested in a (stylish) shower cap is because it’s freezing, not just outside, but inside, and the only way I can get warm is to take a hot shower before I crawl underneath a lasagna of down and fleece blankets to sleep. However, taking a shower before bed when there is no heat indoors is a recipe for disaster UNLESS you don’t let your hair get wet. Cue shower cap with a golden halo above it. Eventually the whole no-heat-thing will get sorted out, but it sure has made my first week in a new city just a tiny bit more uncomfortable. I can’t complain too much though because there is a clothing-optional outdoor hot-water soaking pool and sauna at a wellness cooperative just a few blocks from my house open until late each night. Huzzuh! You gotta love Portland.

Stay tuned for more ‘new girl’ musings about hipster-tude, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, men who look like they just walked out of the 1970’s, awkward conversations on the dance floor, and other observations about life in Portland, Oregon, possibly the weirdest (and coolest) city around.

Stay warm, people!


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