Try Not to Worry Too Much – it Will Work Out

This is an ode to things working out; the essence of two hands pressed together at heart center, whispering Thank you. It’s a verbal kneeling to smell the soil and feel the sun that still shines. Why? Because it’s what my soul needs right now, and I thought maybe, by chance, it’s what yours needs too. So I’ll write about it.

Every day things go right. It might not always seem that way, depending on your mood, or outlook, but they do. Because you’re still here. Tonight before bed, try thinking about what went right today, and the day before that, and if you can remember it, the day before that. You might be surprised at how this exercise shifts your thinking from negative to a state of gratitude. Feeling gratitude is nothing short of healing. It does wonders for the soul.

Here’s my list of what went right today:

+ I woke up and the sun was shining, casting a fairytale-like glow through my window.
+ My cold is getting better and this morning, I felt energized enough to take a fairly long walk to a coffee shop, where I drank a cup of chai tea and started a new book.
+ By chance my friend was volunteering at the art museum at the same time I wanted to go see an art exhibit and I got a free personal tour!
+ I got to talk on the phone with my Mom, my grandmother, and one of my best friends from Eugene.
+ I was able to conquer Sunday night grocery shopping in under 25 minutes. That’s a record.
+ I felt inspired, finally, after too long of not writing, to write tonight. Already, I’m starting to feel more like myself again.

It’s amazing how we humans can trick ourselves into thinking everything’s going all wrong. Or that we haven’t done enough – that we aren’t enough. I would guess that 99% of the time, that just plainly isn’t true. And so we corner ourselves into a state of fear and apprehension by telling ourselves falsehoods.

This is a reminder to try not to worry too much, because whatever it is you’re struggling with will work out. It will. Give it time. Give it space. Give it some love!

This an ode to things working out, to the world’s way of sifting through the chaos and creating meaning. It’s a bow to the journey – the rickety, bumpy, windy, imperfect ride that somehow works out just how it’s meant to in the end, and teaches us a whole lot of wisdom along the way. It’s a cry for faith, for trust, for holding steady, staying strong, letting it go.

Keep Your Chin Up

Keep Your Chin Up

3 thoughts on “Try Not to Worry Too Much – it Will Work Out

  1. Naomi says:

    This is wonderful timing, Abby! It’s been a long week of transition. I read this after a day of house hunting in Detroit. Jake and I found a wonderful realtor with a lot of positive energy and I’m so glad that she is helping guide this decision. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive during a time that can become stressful and overwhelming.


    • adiskin says:

      You’re so welcome Naomi! I am so happy to hear that you found the right person to help you in your search – it can make all the difference! lots of love to you and Jake xo


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