The Valleys, the Peaks, and a Life Changing Year

It’s been a tough month as we head into the darkness of winter – one glance at the news can tell you that. Amongst my avoidance to write has been a resistance to whatever is showing up that I don’t want to be experiencing like sickness, fear, stress and fatigue.

So the question is how do we deal with the discomfort of the valleys in our lives, especially at a time when there’s so much pressure to analyze how far we’ve come before the year’s end?

This weekend, while dancing amongst a crowd, a word popped into my mind and stayed there: “with”. The more I said it to myself, the more the muscles in my shoulders began to loosen. When I was able to change my perspective to view all the things I was struggling with as a part of me – a part of the whole – I no longer needed to exert additional energy resisting them. That didn’t make them go away, but it enabled me to embrace them and adapt to the best of my ability to the present circumstances of my body with acceptance.

As we head toward the end of the year, the tendency can be to look back and wonder what you accomplished, as well as look ahead to where you would like to be in 2015. But this new year’s eve, I hope you won’t look back or ahead, but instead stand grounded in the present moment unfolding before your eyes. Everything you need is here, now, inside of you, and it would be a shame to miss out on it because you were too busy making assessments of the past or resolutions to uphold in the future.

If you do spend some time reflecting though, be gentle with yourself!

Did you make mistakes over the past 12 months? Of course you did. I’d hope so. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be human, or living fully.

Did you achieve great things? Absolutely! It is a great feat to simply wake up every day, carry your fragile heart through the world, make another person smile, share yourself with loved ones, and work toward something meaningful.

Do you have room to grow and goals to meet in 2015? Yes, and that’s something to celebrate, not something to be afraid of! Life is a long-distance run, not a sprint. Take your time. Grow at your own pace, and feel excited about what great things are yet to come.

It’s been a life changing year for me – one I’ll never forget. Thank you for reading, and for all the comments and support. Here’s to good health, joy, love and wisdom in 2015!

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


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