10 Things to Do with Your Bruised Heart

1. Take it on a walk to see the sky, and feel the wind, and to notice little details along the way.

2. Sit with it a while. Let it be. Listen as it speaks. Give it your loving attention and compassion. 

3. Let it be wild. Dance, yell, write in a frenzy. Run, cry, feel its strength; be mad with aliveness – hurt, confusion and all.

4. Stare at the world with it. See it from new angles. Look life in the eyes.

5. Share it with your friends. Let them love you when you feel broken. You will do the same for them.

6. Make art with your bruised heart! Beautiful art, terrible art, scribbly art, purple art. 

7. Take it to the gym. Work your emotions out.

8. Eat out with it. Yes, in a nice restaurant, in your cutest dress. 

9. Make friends with it. Stay open to life (and new relationships) by caring for yourself like your own best friend would.

10. Stick up for it if the situation calls for it. You’re no doormat.


Today I’m on my way back to Europe, and I’m going to take this bruised heart traveling! More to come on that soon. Bon voyage lovelies! xo

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