10 Things to Do with Your Bruised Heart

1. Take it on a walk to see the sky, and feel the wind, and to notice little details along the way.

2. Sit with it a while. Let it be. Listen as it speaks. Give it your loving attention and compassion. 

3. Let it be wild. Dance, yell, write in a frenzy. Run, cry, feel its strength; be mad with aliveness – hurt, confusion and all.

4. Stare at the world with it. See it from new angles. Look life in the eyes.

5. Share it with your friends. Let them love you when you feel broken. You will do the same for them.

6. Make art with your bruised heart! Beautiful art, terrible art, scribbly art, purple art. 

7. Take it to the gym. Work your emotions out.

8. Eat out with it. Yes, in a nice restaurant, in your cutest dress. 

9. Make friends with it. Stay open to life (and new relationships) by caring for yourself like your own best friend would.

10. Stick up for it if the situation calls for it. You’re no doormat.


Today I’m on my way back to Europe, and I’m going to take this bruised heart traveling! More to come on that soon. Bon voyage lovelies! xo


The Fruitful Search

Sleeves up ladies and gents, time to summon your bravest face, your unabashed belief that love still makes the world go round, and tie on your best walking shoes to keep. moving. forward. Congratulations, you’re on the fruitful search. The search for love; for meaning; for purpose. It’s going to feel like it’s “less”, not “full” sometimes. ┬áThere’s going to be bullshit and heartache and confusion. But there will also be grace, connection, and growth sitting patiently just waiting to be found.

You don’t have to do anything special for this to be true. You just have to be you.

The more I grasp, the less I can touch what’s real. The more I give thanks for, the more I can soothe what’s scared and the clearer I see what is. It’s funny how that works. This year, my 29th, has been a test of faith. Has yours been too? Well, join the club!

I’ve gotten tripped up, fallen down, made moves, revisited old wounds, learned to bounce back (again, and again, and again) each time, feeling a little closer to where I’m aiming to go.

The truth is, as long as you’re reading this and are breathing and alive and waking up each day, there are thousands of things that have gone right – way more than could have possibly gone wrong. Which brings me to the title of this little post. What I’ve learned in the past few months that I want to share with you is:

The search is always fruitful if you look at it through the lens of gratitude.

So much gained; so much that is good, right here, right now if you look closely.

Yes, losses too. But experiences are the fruit of all that hard work. And no one ever promised they’d all be peachy.

So, have you known grief? Have you ever fallen to your knees in reverence? Did you fall in love with the wrong one?┬áHave you been moved to leap? Have you been called to listen? It’s all moving you forward, dear-heart; all the heartbreaking, joyous, enlivening, confusing, sweet, tender moments of life. THIS life. The only life you have to live!

Might as well dig in, dig out, dig deeper, or my personal favorite, just DIG IT!