What Bells Ring?

Splashes of gold and red frame the sky. Wilted leaves crunch underfoot. The sun is shining but it’s cold enough that I’m glad I have warm jacket pockets to tuck my hands into. A lot has changed; a lot is changing. I remind myself that this is how it always is, and always will be. Still, I worry about change like the human that I am.

As I stroll down the sidewalk in my clunky leather boots, a gust of wind awakens a wind chime from the porch to my right. It dings loudly and then sways slowly to make a low-pitched rhythm. This question arises in my mind: what bells ring?

What bells ring? I’m not sure exactly what this means, but I’ll take it as a message, as I usually do when something as clear as day states itself from a place deep inside. Could it be alarm bells? Bells igniting purpose or passion?

Recently, I envisioned a giant wave come crashing down onto the shore of myself, only to rise up, hop on the wave, and ride it. Then, last night, I dreamed I was fending off a pack of wolves in an open field. It’s hard to determine where exactly my psyche’s at these days. All I know is I’m riding something big. I’m growing, I’m making mistakes, I’m overcoming challenges, I’m greeting change at the door. If you’re doing this too, then I commend you. You’re fighting the good fight, the only fight there is. And the only way is through…



You Have Arrived – How Blessed!

How wonderful that you have arrived in this moment. Everything has worked just right in order for you to be alive Right. Now. In this instant, you are here. And in 60 seconds, you will have arrived again. And again, and again, and again, minute by minute. This is how we are reborn every day. This is how we are given time to grow, time to be, time to love. How does it feel to arrive in this very moment? There may be pain, a dream shifting, a song on your tongue. There may be nothing. But if you listen, if you truly listen, you will know that spirit is in every second of every day. And you can set your bags down now, because you are here. You did the best you could on your journey and you made it. This moment offers itself to you like a sunflower in bloom, glowing, radiant, full of possibilities. It will go on blooming, whether you notice it or not. But how can you stare at a flower and not be moved to revery? It is your time. You’ve arrived here, right now. Make this moment a SENTIMENT OF GRACE, make it a DANCE OF GRATITUDE, make it an EXPRESSION OF YOUR ALIVENESS.

We are here once. And yet, we are given rebirth perpetually. That alone is a reason to love life. Remember, you can be whoever you want to be.

Just keep arriving and the rest will follow.